COVLINE is the publisher of the ELOFICASH accounts receivable management software

(Reminders, risks, disputes, smartphone mobility, workflow, decision support, reporting and communication).

ELOFICASH is a latest generation solution that has been operational since 2010 for a first Client handling very large volumes of data: Générale de Santé.

COVLINE reprised the publication of the software in June 2012, when it was created, in order to speed up its development and give it the dimensions of a real software package, in the true sense of the term.

Our R&D department consists of a cohesive team in which every technical and/or functional member is a shareholder. They all have over 12 years’ experience and recognised expertise in the business of publishing and implementing Credit Management software. This is why we have chosen to specialise in publishing a single, wide-spectrum solution, in order to concentrate our efforts on our know-how and quickly enable ELOFICASH to become the undisputed leader on its international market segment.

On the commercial side, the ELOFICASH solution is distributed in France and abroad (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Benelux, …) through a network of certified distributor/integrators.

We are still a company on a human scale and our distributors have the advantage of really knowing their clients, which means that we can draw on that familiarity to support them in a relationship based on genuine dialogue. Listening attentively to their needs means that we can regularly take account of any new functional needs expressed that are likely to interest other clients as we upgrade the solution.

Thanks to carefully controlled, prudent management, COVLINE offer numerous guarantees of success and sustainability. It is able to guarantee its clients and its distributors a close and serene relationship.

At the end of 2013 about ten distributors and over thirty prestigious clients had already put their trust in us.

Today, thanks to the quality of our network of partners (distributors, consultants, financial services, desktop publishing entities, credit insurers, hosting service providers and financial information providers, …) and the satisfaction of our clients , we have already become practically the obvious choice on our domestic market. This visibility is beginning to spread to the rest of Europe, bearing in mind that one of the aims of our development plan is to be present on every continent by the end of 2015. Another ambition, also contained in our development plan, is to gradually apply all the new value-added features arising out of changes in the business and its environment (best practices, media, functionalities, communication, management, technical innovations, partnerships, …). In fact the technological choices we have made are intended to ensure we are not limited by any such constraints and changes.

Nevertheless, we will not be rushing headlong into anything, as our first priority remains to ensure we always have the resources we need to provide quality support, essential to building lasting success and trust.