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Our partners include:


ASPSERVEUR, our hosting partner

Out of a concern to provide our customers with the best possible service and after conducting a survey of the market, we have opted to work with ASPSERVEUR to build a quality offer combining the best of each activity. However, if one of our customers wishes to have the application hosted with its own preferred partner, our contract-based approach allows for this without affecting the contract for the software package itself or the business support. This approach provides a maximum of flexibility for our customers as they consider upgrading their organisation. In all cases, we provide a single point of access in the event of any anomalies.


ASPSERVEUR owns its Data Center and network and offers the best contractual guarantees on the market for a 100% controlled, 100% French cloud.


ASPSERVEUR is an MSP (Managed Services Provider) specialising in hosting and

facilities management for critical and/or large audience websites.

ASPSERVEUR owns its own infrastructures and operates its own IP network (AS 34235) as well as its own Data Center, which represents the state of the art in France in terms of high density and eco-efficiency (the best in Europe).

ASPSERVEUR counts among its customers a large part of the CAC40, many

French key accounts and several ministries.


ASPSERVEUR’s French Data Center is one of just a few to meet the most demanding standard on high availability (TIER IV).

In comparison, the Data Centers used by Numergy and Cloudwatt are mainly TIER III.

The theoretical difference in annual downtime is 1 hour and 20 minutes in our favour.

The ASPSERVEUR (AS34235) BGP4 multihomed network guarantees 100% availability and maximum fibre optic capacity 320 Gbps.

The ASPSERVEUR cloud is secured by automatic failover and automatic hot VM migration. Cold migration is carried out if hot migration fails.

You can also opt for synchronous replication on two Data centers with the “Cloud Quantique” and “Stockage Quantique” options (ASPSERVEUR patent).

ASPSERVEUR offers the highest contractual availability on the market, namely 100% compared to 99.9% for Numergy and 99.95% for AMAZON.


Some ASPSERVEUR references:

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