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A genuinely collaborative solution, thanks in particular to its smartphone and tablet compatibility and integration of a Chatter feature, ELOFICASH takes advantage of the latest technologies to get all your employees involved in the focus on cash!

ELOFICASH is positioned at the heart of your information to connect all your partners together.

A genuine customer communication media client, ELOFICASH smooths the flow of information and accelerates the cash recovery process.

Its technology is designed for real-time exchanges using today’s new media and those of tomorrow: web, PC, smartphones, tablets, social media, etc.

ELOFICASH offers very advanced possibilities for customisation. The screens are customisable and can be differentiated for each user so that they are each working in their own adapted environment.

For example, the user’s dashboard can include a variety of different elements such as work lists, alerts and graphs chosen by the administrator.

ELOFICASH also offers the possibility of adding custom fields and positioning the columns in the tables however you wish. This flexibility enables the company to integrate information relating to its sector of business and to benefit from specific adaptations whilst remaining within a software package environment that is standard and upscalable.

Upgrades to new versions are handled by “versioning” functions which take account of each client’s adaptations.

The software also has very sophisticated functionalities for managing user group rights whilst complying with confidentiality and security requirements.

The basic version of ELOFICASH offers a decision analysis tool which enables the user to navigate in interactive documents based on all the data, including the customised fields.

These analyses, like all the numerous standard documents, are exportable with a simple click to an Excel or PDF file.

Also native in the solution is a labelling system that enables the user to group together accounts and/or entries, either ranked or freely, and a very intuitive display.