ELOFICASH is a web-enabled application that can be executed on the most commonly used web servers and is accessible from any browser.

ELOFICASH was designed to offer a consultant or an administrator the possibility of adding queryable custom fields and presenting screens that can be customised to a user or group of users.   The conceptual data model has been developed in English and the application can handle international requirements, in particular thanks to UNICODE enccoding.   So far ELOFICASH is available in 5 languages. In a multinational corporation context, users can connect in several different languages at the same time. Furthermore, the user can address his customer in the latter’s own language.       The solution uses an SQL Server database, into which the data and business rules are transcribed directly in order to optimise performances.       Data imports are customised in a world-renowed open source ETL: TALEND.   Thanks to TALEND, imports become simple and accessible by all technical configurations. All the ERPs and management software known on the market can be connected.   Management rules are programmed in the ETL in order to integrate the data selectively and generate calculations when they are imported into the ELOFICASH solution.   The data may be from multiple origins. In this way, all the strategic information relating to a customer can be integrated into one and the same ELOFICASH record. This may also be external information.   In this case, ELOFICASH uses “web service” type data connectors. There are connectors that are charged with importing financial information from specialised firms, and more advanced data connectors capable of exchanging information automatically with credit insurance entities, for exemple.   In this case, ELOFICASH dialogues with the services and exchanges information on a customer, contract, etc…   In order to handle desktop publishing and paperless working requirements, ELOFICASH is capable of generating exports into PDF or EXCEL individually or en masse, and also offers standard data connectors for desktop publishing solutions and services.   The user has the possibility of using PDF and EXCEL to publish all his reports and analyses, whether standard or customised.     ELOFICASH techno en anglais